My wife can’t leave me if I marry a man. Checkmate, libs!

*presses finger to ear*

I’ve been informed my malewife left me

continuing my cooking saga 

to replace bacon I used a combination of cubed chantrelle and bacon bits which I fried both with the onions, garlic, and celery that are going in with the beans.

I legitimately hate when people use the same old quote to justify their eco fascism. sorry but the industrial revolution was a good idea and allowed much more humane standards of living, wanting to reverse that is stupid. just because capitalism and imperialism ruined it doesn't mean we need to go back to living in trees eating fruit

how to get snuggled IRL:
when you hear someone meowing, meow back.
(which is basically how fedi works?)

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Another genderless insult you can use around town 


two moods:
- I'm try to express myself
- I'm feel uncomfortable about other peoples perception of me

Why it gotta be like that

Currently pondering how to replace bacon in a beans recipe that uses it to sweeten the pot...

Why all the mild ferment recipes called kvass? Surely Slavic folks aren't the only ones to mildly ferment liquids based on relatively common ingredients....

code review is letting another , man read ur code,,, fucked upp

hello critters
im once again frustrated by people making time commitments with me and not keeping them

Anyone here good at rust? Need to borrow someone's brain on a weird typedef issue I am experiencing.

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